Semi-Truck Accidents

Individuals and families involved in a crash with a semi-truck or other commercial vehicle suffer injuries which are usually serious and often permanent. Collisions with big rig trucks may result in spinal cord injuries, broken bones, brain trauma, and even wrongful death. Because personal injuries with these type of vehicles tend to be more serious, the issues of negligence, liability, damages and causation will often be hotly contested. Insurance coverage in these cases is often under a million-dollar liability policy. As a result, most of these cases are closely scrutinized and are often challenged. 

Commercial Vehicle Accident Complications

Any accident with a commercial vehicle is likely to present complications. If your accident was with an over-the-road big rig, federal safety laws will impact the owner, the driver and anyone involved with the semi truck or its maintenance. Liability may even be found on the company packing the trailer portion if the load shifted and contributed to the accident. It is not unheard of for some truck drivers to maintain two sets of books to avoid stringent federal and state laws on the amount of time a driver may be behind the wheel.

If a governmental agency was involved in your accident, unfair governmental immunity laws are likely to apply. For example, if a Regional Transportation District bus (RTD bus), a police department, a jail, hospital or any other department was involved, you need to be wary of these unfair governmental immunity laws.

These laws impose unreasonably short time frames on accident victims. In virtually all cases, you will be required to provide “notice” to the department within 180 days of the collision. You also will need to provide this notice to specific individuals or entities in  order for your notice to be deemed valid. RTD or any other relevant government department is likely to eventually try to avoid liability if your notice is simply given to an adjuster. In many cases, the department successfully avoids liability on this basis. This can be true even if the adjuster has obtained your records and bills and has begun negotiations.

Consult an attorney immeditaly if you think that some sort of governmental agency may have contributed to your injuries.


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Aftermath of a Collision

Aside from litigation, there are a number of challenges which you may face in the aftermath of a collision. For example, mounting medical bills combined with a lack of income due to time off work can create serious financial issues. This can also have implications for your credit score. Many clients who find themselves in this situation expect their insurer to provide an advance payment to provide temporary relief. But in reality, insurance adjusters know that the more financial strain you experience the more likely you are to settle for a low amount. 

We know the challenges that are likely to arise in accident litigation involving semi-trucks, construction vehicles, delivery vans, taxis, public transit buses (RTD), private limos and charter vehicles, or any other vehicle operated professionally or for profit. We care personally about every client. We will help with any problems you encounter obtaining medical treatment, paying medical bills, obtaining insurance coverage or dealing with lost income.  


We serve clients on a contingent fee basis. If we don't recover damages for you, there's no attorney's fee. We have extensive knowledge of the insurance industry that gives you extra leverage in resolving your damages claim on favorable terms. For a free consultation about your rights and options in the aftermath of a car crash, contact Colorado Injury Attorneys. Evening, weekend and in-home appointments are available.