Slip and Fall

If you have been injured on another person’s property, you may be entitled to receive compensation from the property owner for injuries, damages, and lost wages incurred. 

The success of your claim will depend on the circumstances of your accident and your ability to prove the property owner’s negligence. Certain actions must be taken immediately after the accident in order to improve your chances of receiving compensation. A knowledgeable Colorado personal injury attorney can determine if you have a valid claim and help you receive full compensation.

Who is responsible?

Under Colorado law a property owner is responsible for injuries caused by dangerous conditions on the property which:

  1. Were caused by the property owner; or
  2. The owner actually knew existed on the property; or
  3. The owner should have known existed.

In Colorado, it is generally the victim’s responsibility to prove an injury resulted from a property owner’s negligence. However, proving these matters can be difficult, and there are some complex factors to consider. For example, it can be difficult to prove a property owner had prior knowledge of a dangerous condition. The success of your case may depend on your ability to gather relevant evidence. 

In addition, the statute of limitations on a premises liability case in Colorado is much shorter than other types of claims.  Do not delay in seeking advice from an experienced Colorado premises liability attorney.


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Our law firm handles premises liability claims 

These claims include the following:

  • Slip or trip and fall accidents at the grocers, on sidewalks, or in private homes
  • Falling products, inventory or other injuries from overhead hazards
  • Ice or snow accumulation resulting in falls and injury
  • Construction accidents related to subcontractor negligence
  • Injury from latent or hidden dangers
  • Negligent mopping or floor cleaning cases (failure to place warning signs)
  • Structural or engineering defects
  • Swimming pool and hot tub injuries or wrongful deaths
  • Dog bite cases

Negligent security or inadequate lighting where an owner failed to take reasonable steps against crime

It is important for the victim to receive prompt and appropriate medical care for his or her injuries. To help build a premises liability case, all events related to the accident should be recorded including the date, time, and names of witnesses. The property owner should be notified about the accident as soon as possible.

If you are the victim of a premises liability accident, you should consult a premises liability attorney before discussing the incident with the property owner’s insurance company. Remember – the insurance company has their best interests in mind, not yours.

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